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Hello Céline,
No, no, but only the answer to "What is intelligence?"is ちょっと無理...
2011/02/16(水) 23:58 | URL | Philippe #-[ 編集]
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Excuse me, I am not clear.
I mean that what is "無理"would be to believe that there is only "One" answer to this question.
It depends on the point of view, on the circumstances.

I have read somewhere that a man asked 24 specialists to give an interpretation of one of his dreams. He said: "I have got 24 different interpretations", and he adds: "All were correct."

So your own answer: "to accept the difference" could mean also: "I accept that truth has many facets: if someone else is right, it doesn't mean that I am wrong."

Have a nice afternoon.
2011/02/17(木) 00:36 | URL | Philippe #-[ 編集]
Re: No title
Hello Philippe,
Thank you very mach for your careful consideration to my reflexion. I think that the truth is not alwalys one. There is the pocibility where we can find various truth, is n’t it? I don’t think that the truth and the error is always a couple. Anyway did you study the Japanese somewhere?
Good night and see you soon.
2011/02/17(木) 07:26 | URL | Celine #-[ 編集]
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Hello Céline,
I have studied japanese three years at University, more than ten years ago. But I have forgotten much.
Have a nice day
2011/02/21(月) 12:51 | URL | Philippe #-[ 編集]
Re: Re: No title
Hello Philippe,
How are you doing? It's nice to find the French who has studied Japanese like you. I've studied English, more than ten years ago, so I've forgotten much, too. Have a nice day!
2011/02/22(火) 17:47 | URL | Celine #-[ 編集]
フランス生活で日々 感じたことなどを地道に綴って いきたいと思います。 美しくて気まぐれで直情型のフランス女達と マイペースな1人のジャポネーズとの 壮絶バトルもあるかも・・・?



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